Best 6 Windows 8 Apps

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Windows 8 is the future. Yes it has some flaws and it is not sitting well with some users but you cannot deny that Windows 8 will all that is left after the dust settles - just like Windows 7. We have compiled a list of Best Windows 8 Apps that you would love to have. When Windows 8 was released the apps were few and far. However that has changed dramatically. The Windows Apps store is increasing by the day, and in June of this year it reached 250,000apps, just 5 months after it topped to the 200,000 mark.

1.TouchMe Gesture Studio (Free) 

The main purpose of TouchMe Gesture Studio is to let you to create, edit, and export a customized gesture file. It is an effort of Windows 8 to merge the old-fashioned desktop with touchscreen controls. You can choose from over 30 gestures. It would also allow you to roam your gestures around different devices. It would also let you to mimic keyboard shortcuts, switch between different apps and even adjust the volume.

2.Flipboard (Free)

Flipboard is the most convenient way of personalizing your own magazine. So now on, it would not be difficult for you to keep track of the news you care about. You can easily read the news from all around the world and watch your favorite videos and photos that your friends are sharing. To begin with, just search for your favorite topics and add them to your newsfeed. You can even go through custom reading lists made by your friends or other users on Flipboard. If you come across anything you like, just click the “+” button. You can also connect Flipboard up to 12 social networks.

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3.MetroTube (Free) 

MetroTube is the most famous app of YouTube which is now available for Windows 8. You would love its new modern look. It can stream videos in HD, full HD and HQ. The main hub is easily customizable. You can also search videos, access subscriptions, and watch later feeds. You can use it for video sharing as well. 

4.Asphalt8: Airborne (Free)

If you are into arcade racing games then you will have an experience of your life with Asphalt 8. It is definitely an intense driving experience with fabulous graphics. It features 47 high-performance vehicles with 80 % new automobiles. They have incorporated high-fidelity car motor sounds which gives them a very realistic effect. You can either play on your own or enjoy playing a multiplayer game.

5.FreshPaint (Free) 

Fresh paint is the perfect canvas for your abstract ideas. This user friendly app will let you use all the tools that you require for painting. It doesn’t matter if you are an artist or a hobbyist, this app would let your dreams of painting come true. You can use different mediums like oil painting, water colors, pencils etc. If you like you can turn real photos into paintings as well! You can blend different colors to get the color of your own choice. So let your creative side begin the work! 


Fhotoroom will take editing of pictures to a new level. It is the most powerful app available for editing your pictures. By using this app you can even share your edited photographs with the other photography lovers. It supports more than 150 RAW file formats. It has 90 editing tools which let you to crop, rotate, correct color and exposure, flip the tools etc.
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New Features in Windows 10 OS unveiled

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You are here means you are excited to know the features of the upcoming version of OS from Microsoft i.e. windows 10.Microsoft skips Windows 9 name & names its further release as Windows 10. But as everybody know when windows 8 was launched it made many of its users happy and a profound number of users, unhappy to switch over from windows 7 to 8. Because many of us still consider the UI of Win 7 more user friendly and simpler than that of Win 8 or 8.1. So this time considering the feedbacks from all kinds of users Microsoft has decided to deliver such a kind of OS which is most likely to be liked by every kind of user. Hence here we have written a small description on the features of Windows 10. It is heard that Windows 10 is called Windows Threshold also.

NB: Whatever you are going to read is the description collected from various sources like Computerbase, Winfuture etc who are behind the leak of the screen shots and features.

Updated StartMenu:

Microsoft has made some huge changes with the start menu. As we said earlier considering the disappointments of win 7 lovers and appreciations of win 8.1 lovers it has merged the Metro menu and the start menu of win 7 and the UI is really looking awesome. Here you can find the screen shot.

Virtual Desktop Switcher:

It is one of the craziest feature that we have found in Win 10. Using this one can switch over between multiple windows opened at a time in a particular destop. You don’t need to install any software to view more than one destop screens in one Interface any more. Before this one had to install some third party softwares to accomplish this.

Find our review on the Multiple Desktop switcher software for Windows 7 & 8 os here.

New Notification Centre:

This is one of the unique features that Microsoft has added to its os. This notification centre will appear like that in some android tabs and here along with pc messages you can see many other notifications like mails, subscriptions etc.

No CharmsBar:

Recent leaks from WinBeta claims that Windows 10 will not have any charms bar that comes out at the right of windows 8 & 8.1 containing buttons like share, settings, search & start. However it may disappoint some of its users.

Release Date:

Regarding release date we are not pretty sure, but as per the leaks we can only say that it is soon to hit the markets and Microsoft is going to release a Beta version first.

N.B.: All the screen shots and features are only for the purpose of providing information regarding the functionalities & UI (User Interface) changes may be possible as per the considerations of Microsoft.

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Multiple Desktop switcher software for Windows 7 & 8

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Dexpot is a virtual desktop manager which allows user to work with multiple destop windows at a time smoothly under one pc. It creates some additional workspace for you and you can switch over to any of them very easily. For a simple example with this multi desktop switcher you can browse internet and listen to music in Desktop 1, play a game in Desktop 2, opened a word file in Desktop 3 & opened some other software or app in Desktop 4 & simultaneously running all of them without overlapping or any interference. Separate wallpaper, separate screen saver and different icons and start ups can be seen for each indivisual desktop you have added with the help of Dexpot.Even task manager can show separate running apps at different windows.

Here are some usage of Dexpot: 

1.4 desktops at a time.

2.It makes your work distraction free.

3.Processing will be divided and work with ease.

4.You can move any programme or app running in one desktop to the other simply by dragging and dropping.

5.Best for laptops when you need to keep an eye upon more than one interfaces or more than one processes going on in multiple pcs.

6.Best high end use of it can be found in steel plants which adopt automation & in house hold use or small scale usage from IT firms to personal use.

N.B.: Find the screen shots of this software at the end of this post.


1.Easiest way to switch over between desktop interfaces.

2.Most helpful for industries where automation software like SCADA, DCS etc are used.

3.No chance of interference.

4.In case of destops one may manage to add several monitors to work with, but this (Dexpot) can be the best solution for them who use a laptop & still want to work with several work stations.

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Mass Euphoria about online shopping in India!

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Are you planning to buy some gaming consoles for your kids, but don’t have any clue from where to buy? What can be a better place than online, for shopping gaming consoles? Do you agree with me or not. This question itself has become irreverent today, as booming e-commerce business in India has proved, What Indians think about online shopping. Not only gaming consoles, each and every consumer item is being sold online, under different, different categories, for example in electronics categories there are multiple products listed from electronics field like mobiles, laptops, Music player, microwaves etc.

Top 5 Websites in India To Buy Gaming Consoles Online

You may find hundreds and hundreds of websites offering online shopping facility In India. But tracing some of the best out of them is going to be a daunting task for you. Some of the most trusted names in the field of e-commerce, whose credibility can’t be questioned in respect of timely delivery, secured payment, exchange norms, and other customer services. You can try anyone out of them for buying favorite gaming consoles In India. Their name goes as follows:







Whenever, wherever, what so ever, if Indians have to shop online for any of their shopping, the first e-commerce portal that they browse is Somewhere 100K products are being sold on daily. It started from a small online book store and converted itself into an e-commerce giant in India. And the rest became history! How and when, only Bansal brothers will tell you! You will find some interesting gaming consoles over there.


Ebay is an American company, world’s most popular online market which connects the consumers directly with the retailers/manufacturers. In India it operates with the name”Ebay India”. Whatever may be your choice, but I am doubly sure that you will get there. Go, and search for gaming consoles in the categories list.


It is a world leader in e-commerce market; recently stated its operations in India. You can buy anything over there. One of my friend, recently purchased a gaming console for her kid, and she was very excited with the deal she got over there! For some limited period, it is providing free shipping also. So, go there, browse through the different categories, and look out for your favorite gaming wizard, avail the relevant offers and enjoy.


Initially it started only with providing daily deals to online customers, but later on jumped into product retailing. It has its presence in more than 50 countries in India. It has a subscriber base of around 18 million. For gaming consoles, it is again an exciting place. Check it yourself!


It comes from the Network18 Groups. Actually speaking I like this website very much! I have purchased lot of things right from clothing till laptops and even mobile phones. Each time my experience with them has been very nice and cordial. The main advantage of going with the above sites is their prompt services apart from the quality of their product.

NB: Never forget to avail the exciting coupons & discount offers from here when ever you shop from any online shopping site.
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