How to remove short-cut virus from pen drives

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Hi, friends. In this article you will come to know about how to solve short-cut problems that most of us commonly face while using a pen-drive in different pcs. This is a common problem. Sometimes when we insert our pen-drive into any computer’s USB port all the contents become hidden. Hence we will discuss some of the simplest tricks to retrieve those hidden data.

1.You can fix such cases simply by scanning your pendrive with a new and good anti-virus soft-ware.
1.You can also use the command prompt to remove those short-cut viruses.Just follow the steps below.
2.Open command prompt in your windows pc or simply press windows+r and then type ‘cmd’ within the RUN box appeared and hit enter.

3.Then type the following command or just copy and paste it in that command-prompt box and hit enter again.
Attrib  –r  –s  –h  s/ d/ H:\*.*

     4. Remember that you have to replace the letter ‘H’ with letter that corresponds to the pen-drive  if it is not H.
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