How to download a complete website to your pc

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Hello viewer,generally when you need to save the documents and information available in a web page, you prefer to save that web page in your pc for offline viewing. But if you found each and every page of that web site is of great importance then you prefer to get all the pages of it saved.In such cases always there is a chance of missing any important page to save , also we face some difficulties in opening each and every page indivisually for seeking information.So we are here with an amazing tool for you with which you can download the entire website to your pc and view it offline later without any difficulty.

  • First of all download httrack software from here.

  • Then open it and hit next. Now give a project name whatever you want.

  • Now add the url of the web site you want to download and hit next and then finish.

           For example  -

  • Wait for a while for the complete website to be downloaded.
        N.B.:You can not download any search engine like google, bing, yahoo etc and also you can't do it for any social networking sites like facebook, twitter, stumbleupon, etc.

Remember :Before downloading and after downloading you should open all the tabs or links (those which are necessary to be opened for offline viewing later). And you must have an active internet connection for the software to work.

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