How to use VLC media player as a media converter

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vlc as converter

Now a days most of the smart phones are capable of playing almost all types of video formats. But still sometimes we need to convert our video files from one format to the other. For this we desperately need a video converter software which will consume internet data usage to get downloaded as well as memory. But your job will become simpler now if you are having the most popular media player i.e. ‘VLC MEDIA PLAYER’. Yes , vlc media player can also be used as a media file converter.

Its too simple.
To convert your media files from one format to another follow the steps below.
  • ·         Open the video or audio you want to convert with vlc media player.

·                              Then pause it for  a while.

  • ·         Go to ‘media’ option and select ‘convert/save’.

·                                  Then give the output format and a suitable file name and hit convert.


  • ·         Then choose your video to be converted through the look in option provided there.Set the format as video files and hit convert/save.

·                          Then it will ask you for output format. Here select desired format,tick the file option and name your output video and set the path using  the browse option.

  • ·         Set profile as MPEG-4/DivX and save.

Now your work is done. After sometime when the video gets converted completely you can watch it.

If you find any difficulty please feel free to ask.

If you have any better idea also,then please comment .Constructive comments are always welcomed.
Thank you.


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