Top best web browsers for pc

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Here we have discussed some of the best web browsers for pc which are also among the most popular and most widely used browsers. Here are some of the browsers which have changed the definition of web browsing in a few years.

Internet Explorer
  Internet Explorer web browser , which is one of the widely used web browsers now-a-days had its first release in 2001. The latest version of it is IE 9. And the fact is only 20 percent of the people surfing internet every day, use this web browser. The main reason behind its success is that it comes with the most popular and most widely used operating system i.e. WINDOWS & also it is compatible only with the windows os. Another reason behind its popularity was that it came absolutely free from the beginning when its competitors used to have some cost. Overall its a good choice to have this browser as your primary preference. Separate processing for each tab increases its stability and security. Its latest version is also equipped with some new security measures which includes active filtering and ActiveX isolation from core of the web browser etc.

Google chrome:  Google chrome is also one of the unique browsers used these days which is compatible only in Windows OS and is generally liked because of its simple and minimalist look. It is featured with the best interface ever provided by any of the browsers. Though it is not very old but is still giving a tough competition to its other competitors. It is having the unique processing feature just like the IE which enables it to keep the tabs unaffected if one of the tabs opened is lagging or crashed. As it is a product of google, the best search engine, so there is no doubt in its speed of surfing. But sometimes it also disappoints the user in this area. One of the features of it that i like the most is that you can save any web-page opened with google chrome in pdf format without installing any extra thing to it and it is its inherent feature. Hence overall its performance is good enough to rely upon.

Opera: It comes for Windows,Mac and Linux. It can handle some tasks very easily which require multiple extensions in case of other browsers. You can enjoy navigation by gesture here. Though its proud users claim that no one can beat opera browser in speed rendering, but it is still having a very lesser market than chrome or firefox. Also its extensions market is too poor as compared to firefox. You can get a large number of extensions in firefox. But we admire that most of the important features can be handled easily without any extensions through opera browser. Based on overall performance of opera we would rate it 3 out of 5.

Firefox: Mozilla Firefox is the king of all web browsers. Its merit over other browsers is its extensibility. Using firefox you can optimize your browser look and also add extra features as per your requirements freely without any sign ups or costs. It has the extension pool with more than 6000 entries. Mozilla also gives the user the power to block advertisements, manage clipboards and many more things. In case of speed of browsing in Firefox , only thing that can be said is that It is just the best. Almost every feature that the above mentioned web browsers support are supported by this. Form the very first day of its launch it has become the favourite web browser of people.


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