How to browse internet without saving browsing history?

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Generally when we visit any web site the web browser saves it as a history. It does so in order to save that in its cache so that when we visit the same web site again it will take lesser time to load. But sometimes we need some privacy while browsing. That means we don’t want others to know what we are doing on internet. And this becomes of top most priority when we are doing some confidential works on internet at any cyber cafe.

So to get rid of such problems we are here with a wonderful working trick to browse without keeping any record of your deeds on internet as browsing history. For different browsers the trick is different. To browse without keeping any history follow the following simple steps.

In Firefox: To browse with Mozilla firefox without keeping history first of all you need to go to the file option and then open ‘new private window’. Now you can browse what ever you want and the browser is not going to save any history.

Here you can open private browsing window directly by the short-cut "Ctrl+Shift+P".
In Google Chrome: When you are in chrome you have to go to the ‘customize and control google chrome’ option i.e. available at the top right corner. Then hit ‘new incognito window’ option and you are done. A new window will be opened with the private browsing options that doesn’t store the users online activity.

You can open this incognito browsing window just by pressing the short-cut key "Ctrl+Shift+N".

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In Internet Explorer: To browse in Internet Explorer without saving any history, you have to go to the Tools option in the menu bar and open “ In Private Browsing”. 

The short-cut to this is  "Ctrl+Shift+P".

In Opera : If you are using opera browser then  open Opera tab at the top left corner and there you will find browser settings. There in the sub menu “Tabs and Windows’’ select the New Private tab or New private window. Both are same but new private tab is opened in that page for the first one and new private window will be opened as separate window in case of the second one.

The short-cut key to open private window in opera and in chrome are same i.e. "Ctrl+Shift+N".

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