How to make your own website for free

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Now a days websites have become the best means to promote ones business or to communicate with clients for rendering services. If a company is not having a website of its own to represent itself then it can be said that it has no existence in the world. So here we have discussed some of the simple ways for how to make your own professional looking website for free.

1.Choose as per your need

Before going to how to build a free website , you have to decide what type of website you want to build. If you are to write articles on some specific topic and build up audience (blog sites)  then you can choose any host which provides server space specially for blogging. If you want to run an online store and set up an online business then you have choose from some web host providers which support online stores. So first of all you have to decide for what you need a web site and then proceed accordingly. Here we have listed some of the free web hosting platforms for you.
3.YOLA features provided by web hosts

Once you have selected what type of web site you have to build you can easily choose what type of hosting provider you need. Whether you need a blog host provider or a host which can serve e-commerce etc. Then just compare the features provided by each free hosting providers, because every service provider give different features. So you need to select the one which can assure you the maximum up time and a broader band width. Because with a good up time and larger band width you will probably never face server down problem.

3.choose a suitable domain name

Now it comes to select a domain name. It is one of the most vital job for any web site holder. Many people fail to reach their customers only for this reason that they do not have a domain name that best suits their profession. So always choose a domain name that best suits your work. You can do a simple key word research on google to pick up a good and attractive name. We always suggest you to pick such a domain name which is short, simple and with having a .com at its end. Because ‘.com’ is the most popular domain.

4.create web pages

Now it comes to creating web pages in your site. Basically to create any web page one need to learn some basics of HTML and CSS , but now a days almost all the popular web host providers are coming with website building applications through which you can easily design each and every page of your site without prior knowledge of coding.
Here we want to add that always choose such a template for your site which will take less time to load. Sometimes people design their web sites in such a way that it becomes heavy with less-responsive templates, media files and with other heavy images present on the web page. This will lead to put your server down for a long time. So to check whether your site loads faster or not you can use some tools like pingdom,  bloggerSentral etc.
If all these steps are followed correctly then you are almost ready with your new web site to publish.
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