Benefits of Google Drive other than cloud storage

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Yes, as the heading says Google Drive is having a number of utilities which a few of us know about. You can also say it confidently that one day this one of the G.Drive will change the way we live. Though initially it was started to provide cloud storage to its users but these days it has extended its services. You can create documents, presentations etc there. So here is a list of some of its great utilities.

1.Creating Documents, Forms, Presentation, spreadsheet and drawing:

These are the basic functions that is provided to every gmail account holder. Using ‘Documents’ you can write any document and edit it as per your requirement. This is a perfect substitute to Microsoft Word. This Drive needs internet which MS Word doesn’t. But one can share the documents on google drive with the world and also a second person can edit that document if access is provided.
                                     Using ‘Forms’ you can easily create any type of form as per your requirement like admission form, contact form, complaint form etc. the feature ‘Presentation’ allows you to open or create any slide or powerpoint presentation. The best part is it provides opportunity for real time collaboration which MS doesn’t. But in terms of features provided by MS(Microsoft) the google docs lags the competition.
                                 Spreadsheet’ has the same applications as the MS Excel. Also it gives a feature called ‘Drawing’ that works even better than the ‘paint’ feature of Microsoft. So this one is surely a good news for kids who love art.

2.Other optional features:

Besides the above mentioned document related ones one can add many extra features (categorised as Business, News, Education, Entertainment, Life style, Game, Productivity, Social and Utility) to his drive account for free. They are ‘PDF Viewer’, ‘ZIP Extractor’, ‘Video Editor & converters’, ‘AutoCAD 360’, ‘Photo Editors’, ‘Animate Videos and presentations’, ‘Music Creator and converter’, ‘GeoGebra Mathematical software’, ‘online emulators’, ‘Notepads and script editors’ and many more.

                                           We mentioned here a few applications those you can use in your daily life without any need for another software to be installed. Along with these there are a lot of applications of your interest there. To choose the best one for you just dive into your google drive account and hit “create”. There below you will find a link “connect more apps”. Go into it find the one that best suits you.

Also we have given a small review of some of the cool drive apps for you here.
            Here in this brief review we might have missed any important point as it is not possible to put reviews of all the apps & features available at google drive here at a time. So if we have missed anything or you are having some queries regarding this topic then please let us know through comments. 


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