Brief review of some usefull Google Drive Apps

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Here is a short review of some of the coolest apps that Google Drive provides. There are many useful and interesting apps in it other than the ones we discussed here, but this small effort will make you realise the importance of web based apps when you are away from your very familiar pc and softwares.


It’s a web based app that allows you to prepare small videos and presentation slides as per your requirement. It has many amazing categories to choose from. Just choose the type of slide you wanna creat like “introducing your team members” or “describing about a product” likewise and go on editing.

2.AUTOCAD 360:

It’s a well known software among Engineering students & mainly Mechanical Engineers. AutoCAD is a programme to design objects buildings and about anything else that requires precision in 2D or 3D. it is incredibly versatile and allows you to customize almost every aspect of design process. You can easily create & edit DWG files. The latest version has also added improved GUI and enhanced online maps etc. so use of this web app makes it easier for you to not only prepare your designs on the go but also to secure it from Data loses.


It’s a Mathematical software though not as advanced as MATLAB, REDUCE or MATHEMATICA but not as bad as a general calculator. Its very helpful for Mathematics students and research scholars & even for researchers as using it one can very easily plot a graph of any equation may it be 2D or 3D. along with this it also accommodates features like deriving roots of complex mathematical expressions and many more. It can be of a great help to you when you have to solve some higher mathematical problems and you are not having the requisite mathematical software for it with you. Also there is no chance of loosing Data as your works will be saved in your Drive account


This is an online application that lets you write and run any programming language(limited) on the go. One can manage multiple sites with ShiftEdit. Your every site will be stored & will be there till you log in next time. You can choose from Ace or CodeMirror(supports both).
Syntax highlighting, bloch tabbing, undo/redo and jump to lines are some of the features of its code editor. It has also a built-in FTP explorer which supports FTP & SFTP.
File permission can also be set. Likewise it has provided many good features to help manage more than one web sites easily.

These are some amongst many. We will publish more apps reviews in our upcoming posts. So stay tuned and keep supporting.


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