The Future of Smartphones: Phonebloks

Posted by Swaviman Kumar

The Gadget we are discussing here is truly the future of smartphones. Though it hasn’t taken the shape of reality, but still it is a better gadget than any smartphones in terms of features and versatility. This phoneblok is a modular smartphone concept given by Dutch designer Dave Hakkens. Though it is not the first concept of modular smartphone, but it has become popular because of the support & attraction it has garnered.


The “Bloks” are the third party components those are to be attached to a main board in order to assemble the entire smartphone. Each blok has to be its own functionalities and can be assembled or disassembled as per the need of the user.
In this way people will not have to spend money on the extra features of any smartphone which are of no use to them. For example- if a person needs a normal handset loaded with a good camera then he can purchase the general phonebloks as per his need and a good camera blok from a good company like Nikon or sony and finally assembles them so as to make a suitable phone for him within his budget.


One of the main aims of its design is to reduce electronic waste.

Bloks can be replaced as per requirement like to change a defective part (instead of changing the whole smartphone) or to upgrade or to add new functionalities etc. 

These parts called “Bloks” would be available in “app stores for hardware” where users could buy new and old bloks & sell their old ones too.

From the day one it has been gaining attentions of various news agencies like CNN, Forbes, Yahoo! News etc. Also it has gathered a considerable number of supports in social medias like Twitter, ThunderClap & Facebook. Till February of this year it had gained over 950,000 supporters & and a social media reach of more than 380 million people.
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Market place:

Keeping in view its never decreasing popularity many world class companies have made partnership with “Phonebloks”. Some of them are GOOGLE, SENNHEISER, FAIRPHONE & CMNTY to note. 

After exceeding 900,000 number of supporters in ThunderClap, Hekken collaborated with Motorola on ProjectAra. Google’s ATAP Team is also working on this project to give it a practical shape.


 So only time will say how this modular phone concept affects the huge smartphone market in the world.

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