Difference between Ultrabook, Netbook and Notebook

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netbook, notebook, ultrabook
Many of us are confused with the terms notebook, netbook & ultrabook. Some of us even don’t know which type of laptop they are having. So here we have listed some key features which makes each of them different from the others. Following these, you can easily make difference between notebook, netbook & ultrabook. Now if you ask the difference between notebook and laptop then I can only say that in this 21st century there is almost no difference. But years ago, notebooks used to be thinner and smaller screen sized devices mainly designed for portability whereas the laptops used to be simply the substitute to desktop in terms of mobility. In those days laptop computers were having more features than any notebook. But now time has changed.
So following are the key differences between the above mentioned threes.


net book
Netbooks are small, low cost, low weight & compact laptop computers. As per the Wikipedia “Netbooks are a category of small, lightweight, legacy-free, and inexpensive computers.” These are mainly designed to give the laptops more portability and to make it light weight along with a low cost pc. These don’t have CD-Drives, platter hard disks, Ethernet cables and extra peripherals. For them who only surf in internet & do light works like listening to music or writing a document, netbook is the best preferable one. Netbooks have lesser computing power than notebooks.


best notebook
These are designed to provide a perfect substitute to the deskies which can handle almost all the works that a desktop can do. These have a high speed processor & hence a higher energy consumption than netbooks. Notebooks come with a wide screen & more number of peripherals including CD-Drive, Ethernet ports etc. Hence they carry a higher cost too.
One of the major differences between netbook & notebook is, Netbooks are meant for internet related activities like surfing on internet or emails etc. whereas Notebooks are designed for handling most of the computational works a desktop does. CNET has concluded that “netbooks are smaller, cheaper notebooks. They are having so similar specifications that for a general shopper there really is no distinction between the devices.”


Ultra book
Ultrabook is the high end subnotebook designed to add various features along with an increased battery life to the laptop. To be more specific it is a trademark brand name by intel. Due to their compact size they too lack some of the notebook features, but still have more features & efficiency than netbooks. 

So if you are a heavy gamer or user of number of apps and softwares then you should always go for a notebook. If you have nothing to do with the latest softwares, netbook is the option. But if you are looking for a versatile device with low budget and high performance then the ultrabooks will be your best companion.

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