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Posted by Swaviman Kumar
Nokia (an independent unit of Nokia, not sold to Microsoft ) has recently released a Launcher App for androids called "Z Launcher.". This is one of the Best Android Launchers of all time to download. This Launcher is a pre-beta version and compatible only with smartphones (not tablets) having android version 4.1 or higher. This comes with an amazing feature called “Scribble” means to draw the first letter of the contact name you want to call or text or first letter of the name of the app you want to use & the launcher will bring a short list of contacts and apps in your mobile to choose from. And this is the reason behind its naming “Z Launcher”.

                                   You can call it a “predictable launcher”, because the more you use this launcher, the more it knows you as well as your needs. After installing this, like other launchers it will also show the time, date & upcoming calendar event on the home screen. But what makes it special from other launchers is it learns the apps that the user uses at specific time of the day & also the persons that the user contacts on specific times of specific days & places those apps & contacts on home screen at that time when you need them really. So you don’t have to swipe for a long time to use any app or to find out your favourite contact. The more the user uses his smartphone with this launcher, the better it gets in predicting the needs of the user at right time.

For example- if a person plays temple run while at the restaurant or while travelling to his home then for that particular time duration of those specific days, it will show the temple run app on the Home screen. Likewise if someone calls his friend every night after dinner then it will show his/her contact every night at that particular time on home screen. 

With all these happy features, over all it is a worth downloading app. But one thing to remember is you will not get this at your play store. You have to download it from Z Launcher’s Official Web site or if not possible from torrent files. Just register with your google account and you will be able to download.


Another limitation of it is being a pre-Beta version (though the company has assured to launch the global and updated version soon, but it is yet to come) it is supported in some specific handsets only such as Google Nexus 5, Samsung GalaxyS III, S IV, S V, Moto X, Sony Xperia Z1 & HTC One. But don’t get upset. We got to know from the feedbacks of some of our readers that it also works with LG G3. Though this phone is not listed in the Z Launcher’s website (i.e. not officially supported) but still it allows the app to be downloaded. So just land on their site and give it a try. Most probably it may work on yours too.

If it didn’t run well with your device then we have got some other launchers for you which will definitely do nearly the same job (though not scribbling), namely Aviate and EverythingMe Launcher. These too come with the prediction feature. I would recommend Aviate than EverythingMe as I got a good user experience with it than the other. Use it and share your experiences with us.

If you have anything to share with us then please comment.

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