How to use google maps without internet

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use google map without internet
The title though sounds invalid, but it’s true. You can use google map to view map of any place even without internet simply by using this trick. Google maps offline becomes necessary when you have to go to some rural places where telecom or wifi network becomes very poor or somewhere where your ISP is not providing good internet service. To know how this stuff works go through these simple steps.

Here we have discussed procedures for iOs & android (Gingerbread, ICS, Jellybean & Kitkat).

In case of iOs the methods are quite similar to that of in androids so here are the steps.

For Android versions 4.0 or above (ICS, JellyBean or kitkat)

google maps app offline for kitkat

Step-1: A smartphone with google map installed & active internet 

For this you must have a smartphone with google map app installed or else you can download it from playstore. And make sure that you have the google map of latest version (i.e. 8.0 when the post was written) installed.

Step-2: search for the location & save

Now search the map or location that you want to view offline later. When the map loads completely in the search bar type “OK Maps” or say “OK Maps” by just tapping the mic icon & then save the map.



Once you find the location to be saved hit the profile icon just right to the search bar, scroll down & save it for offline use.
                               Once you save, you can zoom in & out to save it accordingly too. But if the area is large then you will be promted to zoom in, give a name to that area & then save.


  • Each saved map lasts for 30 days. After that it is automatically erased to clear your memory.
  • In offline mode (without internet connection) navigation is not possible. Only you can view the maps.
  • In case map size is huge, while saving it, it may show “It can not be saved”. Then you have to break the map to small pieces and then save every portion one by one.

For Android 2.3 GingerBread users:-

    use google map without internet in android
    Open the google maps app, go to options, hit “more” & then select “make available offline”. Position your map & hit the “Done” button. Here the limitation is the map to be saved can’t be >1mb which is not a case in case of higher versions of android.

    Last words:

    Though using google maps online is far better than that in offline mode but still it is of great use for them who travel a lot. It becomes very essential while travelling to a completely new place. If you liked this article then share it with your friends and don’t forget to comment. Also if you have some alternatives then do suggest us.

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