Multiple Desktop switcher software for Windows 7 & 8

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Dexpot is a virtual desktop manager which allows user to work with multiple destop windows at a time smoothly under one pc. It creates some additional workspace for you and you can switch over to any of them very easily. For a simple example with this multi desktop switcher you can browse internet and listen to music in Desktop 1, play a game in Desktop 2, opened a word file in Desktop 3 & opened some other software or app in Desktop 4 & simultaneously running all of them without overlapping or any interference. Separate wallpaper, separate screen saver and different icons and start ups can be seen for each indivisual desktop you have added with the help of Dexpot.Even task manager can show separate running apps at different windows.

Here are some usage of Dexpot: 

1.4 desktops at a time.

2.It makes your work distraction free.

3.Processing will be divided and work with ease.

4.You can move any programme or app running in one desktop to the other simply by dragging and dropping.

5.Best for laptops when you need to keep an eye upon more than one interfaces or more than one processes going on in multiple pcs.

6.Best high end use of it can be found in steel plants which adopt automation & in house hold use or small scale usage from IT firms to personal use.

N.B.: Find the screen shots of this software at the end of this post.


1.Easiest way to switch over between desktop interfaces.

2.Most helpful for industries where automation software like SCADA, DCS etc are used.

3.No chance of interference.

4.In case of destops one may manage to add several monitors to work with, but this (Dexpot) can be the best solution for them who use a laptop & still want to work with several work stations.

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